The language picker is often found in the System Settings (cog wheel icon found in the Banner Frame). This tool allow users to change the instance language. 



By default, the only portal page that has the language picker is the 'landing' page:

  • Landing page: https://<instancename>

To add the language picker to a Service Portal page, you may consider one of the procedures listed next.


There are two ways to add the language picker to a Service Portal page.

A- Supported procedure to add the widget Language Switch to a portal page:

  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Pages.
  2. Find the and open the page that ID is csm_index.
  3. Under Related Links, click 'Open in Designer'
  4. Using the Filter Widget text box in the top left of the page search for the 'Language Switch' widget.
  5. Drag and drop the widget in the page.

B- Adding the language picker to a Portal page by embedding the Language Switch widget into another widget

(note: this is a non-supported practice. Therefore the amount of guidance provided in this article is limited to the below bullet points)

  • To accomplish this task, use the following online article as a reference:


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