New button is missing on the PA Configure Generations list when List V3 plugin is activated


All available releases


List V3 compatible option might be turned off for the PA Configure Generations "New" UI action.


Please implement the following steps to resolve the issue. 
1. Go to PA Configure Generations list 
2. Go to Configure -> UI actions by clicking the list menu and select the "New" UI action (Or navigate to https://<instance-name> directly). 
3. Check the List V3 compatible field to true and save the record.(If you do not see the field, add it from Configure -> Form Layout) 

After implementing these steps, you will be able to see the New button on the PA Configure Generations list. In the OOB instances, this field is unchecked by default which caused the issue. Hope this information helps. 

Additional Information

When ever you see missing UI actions when List V3 plugin is installed, you need to go to the corresponding UI action and make sure that List V3 compatible field is set to true.

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Last Updated:2018-08-03 02:20:08