Not able to see the widgets in the dashboard from global as the user from TOP, Acme domains.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Set up a domain-separated environment. 
2. Collect scores for the day Incident-Daily Collection using the users from the global, TOP, Acme, and Cisco domains.
3. Log in as admin from the TOP domain.
4. Go to the dashboard Incident Management.
Instead of the admin of the TOP domain being able to see the widgets, a copy of Incident Management is created and there are no widgets in it. 


System administrators can fix problematic dashboards manually without a code change.

  1. In pa_dashboards.list, check the domain of the problematic dashboard.

  2. Filter pa_m2m_dashboard_tabs.list based on the problematic dashboard and identify all the tabs associated with it.

  3. From pa_tabs.list,remove any tab that was created in a different domain from the dashboard's one.

  4. Make sure all tabs have an associated grid canvas page (query 'canvas_pageISEMPTY'). If missing, they can be automatically populated by just loading the dashboard in its associated domain.

    Note: If there are still any missing links between the tab and the canvas page after loading the dashboard in the right domain, they need to be added manually. Note that in general, the canvas_page name is similar to the tab's associated page name.

Related Problem: PRB903821

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