Translated fields on the sc_cat_item list (or another table that has a Before query business rule) will show as English when the sort is changed in the previous language.

Steps to Reproduce

    1. Install a language plugin, for example, French, and Internationalization.

    2. Navigate to sc_req_item.list.

    3. Personalize the columns so the Name, Short description, and Description fields are shown.

    4. Change your language to French, which should refresh the page.

      Note that the short descriptions and descriptions in everything but the top row are still in English.

    5. If they are not in English, change back to English and sort the columns by name and then by name again.

    6. Change back to French again and see whether the Description and Short Description are not translated.



Sort by a column twice (a-z then z-a) on the translated list. This should resolve the issue until you switch languages again.

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Related Problem: PRB1256934

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Kingston Patch 1
Kingston Patch 4

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