The following KB details information about creating exclude records against a table within a TPH (Table Per Hierarchy) model. The clone exclude module does not honor excludes against tables which are in a flattened hierarchy.



User is creating an exclude for an HR table which extends the Task table and is within a TPH model.

sn_hr_core_case EXTENDS Task

The table is a child of task and has been confirmed to be a table using the TPH model.


Additional Information

If the table creation for the excluded table is within the TASK hierarchy and the creation of the table was after the task row count reaching 1 million rows, the exclude should then theoretically work since the table would have been created as a physical table. If in doubt reach out to support to confirm if the table being excluded is using the TPH model.

Excludes should only be created for data that is configuration data, namely any table that extends sys_metadata (all tables in sys_metadata will not be in the TPH model). The example provided should not be used as any data under the TASK umbrella is not considered configuration data. However task is one of the few tables which holds the TPH model. Users should not create data preservers or excludes against any table in the TASK hierarchy.

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