In a UI Catalog Policy, conditions can not be built on a list collector variable whose attribute value is set to 'glide_list'.

Using set variable values clicking on the magnifying glass of glide list type variable throws an error as page not found as it navigates to

"Set Variables Values" does not work on the Slushbucket in Automated Test Framework. 


Steps to Reproduce


1 - Create a variable with the following configuration:
Type : 'List Collector'
List table : any table name should be fine. (under 'Type specifications' tab)
Attribute: 'glide_list' (under 'Default value' tab)

2 - Create a Catalog UI Policy.

3 - Attempt to build a condition on the created variable.

4 - Click on magnifier glass in order to assign a value against the condition.

Notice, instead of returning a reference list look up, the error 'Page not found' appears.


If an upgrade to London is not possible, a possible temporary workaround is to remove the glide_list attribute from the "Variable attributes" field, in the Default value tab of the Variable record causing this issue.

Note for Automated Test Framework:

This will not resolve the issue in which the list does not appear, as will remove the field display, but will allow a value to be manually entered into the field for the ATF test step, and will not remove the value when changing focus to another field.

ATF does not support "Set Variables Values" on the Slushbucket, so GlideList needs to be used on ATF instead.

Using this workaround may also cause the Catalog Order Item screen to appear different, so you will probably only want to use it while working with the ATF.


Related Problem: PRB1188106

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Kingston Patch 5

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