When a user tries to choose a value from a dot-walked field which has the tree_picker dictionary attribute set to true, they will not be able to pick the selected value.


For example, on the incident form add the Caller.Location field as follows:

  1. Open any incident form
  2. In the form header, right-click and highlight Configure option and select Form Layout
  3. In the Available slush bucket, select the Caller [+] field then click on the Expand selected reference field button

  4. Scroll through the Available slush bucket and look for the Location [+] field then add this to the Selected slush bucket

  5. Click the Save button to save the changes
  6. On the incident form, click on the magnifying glass icon next to the Location field then choose any values from the tree picker and notice nothing happens.  

    In the browser developer console, you will see an error similar to the one below,


    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'value' of null
    at reflistPick (js_includes_last_doctype.jsx?v=05-10-2018_1459&lp=Mon_May_07_23_46_17_PDT_2018&c=17_308:1861)
    at f (eval at deferredClickHandler (gwt_tree2.jsx?v=05-10-2018_1459:855), <anonymous>:1:39)
    at e.deferredClickHandler (gwt_tree2.jsx?v=05-10-2018_1459:856)






This issue is caused by PRB963362 - On the Incident from, if you are selecting the "Caller.Location" from the tree picker popup nothing happens.




The resolution would be to set the tree_picker dictionary attribute to false for the dot-walked field


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Last Updated:2018-07-12 23:36:02