It may come about that an instance is set to Multi-Currency mode, however, for some reason you may want to configure specific Price fields to always display in one fixed currency.

In these cases, an Administrator can choose to configure a specific Price field to always display in a currency type of the administrator's choice.  The following procedures will show how this is done.


  1. Open a record or form which contains the specific value you want to modify
  2. Click the Edit button to the direct right of the field you intend to modify.
  3. The Currency field is a drop-down field which corresponds to the currency type which should be displayed in this field, particularly when the fixed Type is selected.  There are three options which can be selected in the Type drop-down field, which include the following:
    • Calculated (dynamically determined on display) - This option is the default, working the same as a default Currency type field, displaying in the logged in user's session currency type. In the event a currency conversion is performed, conversions are performed based on the current conversion rate for the currency type selected
    • Fixed (single currency) - This option will force the field to display the currency type in the Currency value specified for this Price type record. If conversions are performed, the latest currency conversion rates are used.
    • Multiple (entered manually in each currency) - Allows addition of one or more price values to be entered for this Price field based on the currency associated with the current user's session. If no corresponding currency type is found in the list that corresponds to the user's session value, the first price value entered will be converted (using the latest currency conversion rates) to the users configured session currently. Each price is added in the Prices related list associated to the selected Price field.
      Price field configuration form
  4. After configuring the field as necessary, click the Update button.

Note: Any user with write permissions to the specified Price field can perform these steps

Note: If the instance is configured in single-currency mode, the type field is read-only and cannot be changed.

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