Non-admins cannot see inactive user records per a Business Rule. This problem arises due to the @mention service not filtering out inactive users explicitly, and thus when we impersonate to determine whether or not a user can view a record the next user in the list cannot be retrieved properly.

Steps to Reproduce


1.Impersonate as any user.
2.Open any incident which is active.
3.In the Additional Comments, enter "@user" (This is to use the Activity Stream @mention email).
4.Enter any text and select save to commit the changes.
5.Session logout is seen. 
Notice: The list returns no results, NPE is thrown in the console. The issue is not limited to active users but also the user records with the "user_name" field. 
Expected Behavior: Users should populate the UI for @Mention recommendations


The issue has been addressed in Jakarta patch 9 and  Kingston Patch 6.

Related Problem: PRB716458

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