The See More button on Service Portal Catalog is not working correctly. It shows the wrong number of catalog items, and clicking Ahow more counts the number of records shown incorrectly.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install the HR Scoped Service Portal plugin.

  2. Go to /hrportal and click HR Catalog in the top right.

  3. Click the General category in the left Categories menu.

    Note that Show More says "15 of 2" when only two items are shown.

  4. Click Show More.

    Note that it now says "1515 of 2". This number repeats on every click of Show More, so notice 1515...1515 of 2 upon further clicks.



  1. Access your instance as an administrator.
  2. Change your application scope to Human Resources: Service Portal.
  3. Navigate to Service Portal > Widget Instances and select HRJ SC Category List.
  4. Click the Clone Widget button, to make a new editable version for your correction.
  5. In the Server script of the cloned widget, change the definition of the variable p:
    1. FROM: var p = {};
    2. TO: var p = { limit_item: 15 };
  6. Save your cloned widget.
  7. Navigate to Service Portal > Pages where the ID is: hrj_sc_category
  8. In the Page Content section of the hrj_sc_category page, under the Service Catalog - Container 2 heading, click on the Row 1 Column 2 Instance: Catalog Category link.
  9. On the Catalog Category Instance record, click on the Widget tab, and point to your new cloned widget.

The Show More button and counter line should now work properly.

Related Problem: PRB1272502

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Kingston Patch 9

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