In the Change Request Values section of a new proposed Standard Change template, the widths of the fields are hard-coded to be 66% instead of 100% This restricts the visibility of the content of the fields.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Change > Standard Change > Standard Change Catalog.

  2. Click Template Management and then Propose a New Standard Change Template.

  3. Fill out the form and click Save.

  4. Locate the Change Request Values section and notice that the fields are not spread out across the form, but are instead narrow on the left side. 


The Workaround for a similar issue described in KB0584517 only explains how to display the Change Request values using 100% of the available space.

To fit all the content in a textarea field, add the following to the std_change_readonly_template_handler UI Macro:
CustomEvent.observe('filter:GlideTemplateFilter-done', function() {
   $j('textarea.filerTableInput.form-control.disabled').each(function() { = (this.scrollHeight+10)+'px';


Related Problem: PRB900609

Seen In

Geneva Patch 5
Helsinki Patch 2

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