This article will address the question about the possibility of setting up Anonymous Chat with a service portal other than the Consumer Service Portal (/csp) which is where the Anonymous Chat functionality works by default.



Anonymous Chat was built for the Consumer Service Portal and is only supported in that environment.

It was never the intention to have it used in other portals and therefore is not a ServiceNow supported configuration when used there.


Additional Information 

If you choose to try and copy the setup of Anonymous Chat in a different portal it is defined in the header of the /csp portal.


This is the out-of-box record which contains the code: 

Here is the function within the client script: 
$scope.openAnonymousChatPopUp = function() { 
var url = ""; 
popupCenter (url, "chat_popup", 650, 580); 

Here is the HTML: 
<li ng-if="(!user.logged_in && isCSPPortal() && != portal.login_page_dv)" class="hidden-xs"> 
<a href ng-click="openAnonymousChatPopUp()" aria-label="${Live Chat}"><i class="fa fa-comment"/></a> 


As mentioned before, adding this to another portal may not function exactly as the Anonymous Chat plugin.

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