This article describes how to implement reference variables so that they include 'contains' in an autocomplete search in catalog item or record producer via the service portal


  1. Navigate to Dictionary under System Definition.
  2. Search for “sc_cat_item” under Go to Table and open the sc_cat_item table record of type Collection.
  3. Switch to Advanced view and add the following attributes in Attribute field: ref_ac_columns_search=true,ref_ac_order_by=name,ref_ac_columns=name,ref_auto_completer=AJAXTableCompleter
  4. Navigate to User Preferences
  5. Search for *autocomplete under Go to Name.
  6. Open sys_user.autocomplete.contains record.
  7. Change the name to sc_cat_item.autocomplete.contains
  8. Right click the context menu and click “Insert and Stay” to save the new record

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