Occasionally, Metric Explorer is unable to load data with the error "Whoops! Some data could not be loaded", as shown in the following illustration.


The issue could be due to the instance losing the connection to MetricBase for some reason.


You can verify the MetricBase connection by using the MetricBase Configuration module.

  1. Go to https://<instance_name>

  2. Access the "clotho" record.

  3. Run the test connection via the UI action Test Connection.

Demo Data

For Demo Data, you will need to activate the "MetricBase Demo" plugin; note the "Has Demo Data" option is ticked whereas the "MetricBase" plugin does not have this ticked.

When activated on your instance you received a pop-up box and need to tick "Load Demo Data" again.

If the "MetricBase Demo" plugin is already active then you will see a hyperlink that says "Load Demo Data Only" which, when you click you receive a pop-up window which allows you when you click "OK" to construct a drone-themed application that is filled with demo data for use of demonstrating the functionality of the MetricBase plugin.

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Last Updated:2020-04-09 03:02:15