After upgrading to Kingston Patch 6 if you notice that your Request Item and SC Task forms is unresponsive/broken. Please check if you have the following exception on your browser console

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null
at e.setCatalogDisplay (VM7366 js_includes_catalog.jsx:2971)
at e.setDisplay (VM7366 js_includes_catalog.jsx:3089)
at e._setDisplay (VM7316 js_includes_doctype.jsx:5358)
at e.setDisplay (VM7316 js_includes_doctype.jsx:5350)
at e._runAction (ui_policy.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317:638)
at e.runActions (ui_policy.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317:587)
at e.runPolicy (ui_policy.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317:37)
at e.runPolicyOnLoad (ui_policy.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317:32)
at ui_policy_onLoad (ui_policy.jsx?v=05-24-2018_1317:788)
at runBeforeRender (VM7316 js_includes_doctype.jsx:402) 


1. In the Application Navigator type sys_properties.list 

2. Click New

3. Create a new system property with these values: 
Name: glide.sc.use_sc_form_v2 
Type: true|false 
Value: false

4. Click Save

5. In the Application Navigator perform cache.do

Additional Information

This is another symptom of PRB1289778, This is fixed in London Version of ServiceNow.

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Last Updated:2018-07-10 05:25:59