Help text translation issue on catalog item in Service Portal after reloading the page.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Log into OOTB Kingston Patch 2 instance
2) Install French language plugin.
3) Open an sc_cat_item (e.g. Create Incident).
4) Delete all the variables.
5) Create 3 new variables as following:

a.Type: Single Line Text
  Question: variable 1
  Name: var_1
  Show help: not checked
  Help text: leave empty
  Order: 100

b.Type: Single Line Text
  Question: variable 2
  Name: var_2
  Show help: checked
  Help text: var 2 english help
  Order: 200

c.Type: Single Line Text
  Question: variable 3
  Name: var_3
  Show help: checked
  Help text: var 3 english help
  Order: 300

6)Change language to French and give a french translation of the help text field for the variables 2 and 3 as following:
var 2 FRENCH help
var 3 FRENCH help

7) Using the french language open the catalog item via portal:
<instance>/sp?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=<sys_id of the catalog item>
As you can see the french help text is shown for the variable 2 and 3.

8) Reload the page.

ISSUE: Only the variable 2 shows the translation for the help text.
If you clear the cache you will be able to see both the help text translated again the first time you open the item from the portal (before the reload).


1. Set the 'Show help' field to true on the very first variable in the Record Producer and by the first variable it means the one with the lowest Order number then it will fix the issue. 

2. Set the 'Show help' field to true on all variables in the record producer. The "Help text" field can stay blank if step number 1 does not work.


Related Problem: PRB1279988

Seen In

Kingston Patch 1
Kingston Patch 4

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 8

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