Post Express to Enterprise conversion, if the Asset Management plugin is activated but the Contract Management plugin is not, then forms on alm_asset tables and forms on tables where alm_asset table is extended are broken.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Provision an Express instance.

  2. Navigate to Scripts Background and run the script for upgrade_to_enterprise.js - SNC.EnterpriseUpgrader.upgradeToEnterprise();.

  3. Go to / to flush the cache, then log out and log back in.

  4. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.

    Note that the Asset Management and Contract Management plugins are not active.

  5. Activate the Asset Management plugin (it does not list Contract Management as a dependency) and make sure that demo data gets loaded.

  6. Navigate to Asset > Portfolios > License Assets and click on a record.

    Note that the form appears broken, form sections do not look as expected, you cannot right-click in the header, the context menu (hamburger icon) is not responsive, and the UI Action buttons are unresponsive.



Activate both the Asset Management and the Contract Management plugins.

Related Problem: PRB1090941

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