When using class switcher API the field on the sys_attachment is still holding the table name of the original class. This causes the dissociation of the attachment from the records which had their classes changed. In order to fix this dissociation, Synch Attachments Attribute needs to be added to the collection record of the corresponding table. This operation needs to be performed before the class switcher Once the fix has been applied, the attachments will synch up with the new records of the switched class.


  1. Navigate to sys_dictionary, if not already added, add the Type column to the List Layout.
  2. Search for the table that will have the attachments added to it.
  3. Under the Type column find the record with Collection.
  4. Open the Collection record for the table and navigate to the Attributes tab.
  5. Add add a new Attribute with Synch Attachments and value being true (as shown in screenshot below) and submit.



Needs to be done before running classSwitcher API

This is an example script of a class change:

var a = new GlideRecord('incident');
a.sys_class_name='change_request'; //this is where the class switcher is called

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