A user does not have access to the sc_cat_item table even when the ACL grants the read access to that user role




Navigate to service catalog > properties > under "Security", check if the User Criteria is enabled 

Property name :

When this property is enabled, any user criteria defined for the service catalog will be taken into consideration over the defined ACLs.

Service catalog has a related list for user criteria "Available for" and "Not Available for": If there is defined user criteria and the user criteria for the service catalog is enabled, it overlooks all the ACLs and follows the defined user Criteria.


  • Navigate to sc_cat_item.LIST
  • Open the service catalog item that has the issue, that is the catalog item which the user is unable to view
  • Scroll to the bottom of the record, and notice that there is "Available for" and "not available for" related list
  • Adjust the defined user criteria to result in the expected access grant 

Additional Information

-- Learn more about user criteria using the below document:

-- To understand the work flow of the User criteria for service portal:

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