• Go to Discovery Patterns ,
  • When you click on a pattern it throws an exception like "NdlException: Error loading ndl" and nothing comes up


  • Any
  • When you are working with patterns


  • This error usually happens when you make a modification directly to the pattern NDL (the thing that looks like the coded script in the pattern record under the 'pattern' tab)
  • It can also happen if you uploaded a pattern from a newer release of the platform into an older release. (i.e. Kingston to Jakarta, the reverse will work though, like Jakarta to Kingston (this is due to new features in the pattern that are not in older versions)).


  • You can isolate the pattern on the list view on the pattern on the pattern table
  • Export the pattern into as XML
  • Remove the modifications that caused the issue in the XML, directly to the NDL code.
  • Upload the XML back into the pattern table.


  • You can also import the pattern from another instance where the pattern is out of the box.
  • Just keep in mind, that is you are importing from another instance that the other instance is of the same version

Additional Information

  • When you import from another version, the pattern will now be the same as the version from which you are importing from. So you will lose any customizations you made in the current pattern where the issue is happening. 

    NOTE: If you are looking for the OOTB Pattern of the current version, please do contact Customer Support via Incident.

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