There are times when you wish to track changes in performance for certain types of requests, urls, over a period of time. 
For example, after go lives, code changes, update sets, etc.   This can be done by building out the following example reports. 

Once built, you can add / modify them to;
- run weekly on a schedule and email a group of users overnight
- modify time periods to weekly, monthly, 6 monthly
- capture specific urls, eg:  URL STARTS WITH / (It is important to use STARTS WITH in this example, and NOT CONTAINS which can effect your instance performance)

Other options could be to modify the Aggregation field from 'Client Response Time' to 'Browser Time' or 'Client Script Time' - for example if you're trying to track how long browsers take to render forms, or how much time Client Scripts take to run over your report time period.


  1. Within your instance, navigate to > REPORTS > Create New

  2. Create the following reports to track Forms, Reports, Lists, All transactions. 

  3. select table= Transaction Log Entry (syslog_transaction)
    - type = trend
    - group by <none>
    - trend by = created
    - per = date
    - aggregation = average, on <client response time>
    - percentages = use aggregation
    - No. groups = 20
    - show other <checked>
    - add filter conditions; client transaction = true, and URL starts with </>
    You can also add a date range so that you can then run it week by week (schedule the report).
    You can also add TYPE = form / list / report / (or none for all client transactions).
    You could have a report for specific URL starts with /, /, /, type = report, type = list etc.. so you can track different urls per time window and client transactions

  4. See sample reports below

    Note: As this data is coming from the transaction log table, 'Client Response Time' is in ms - therefore 14,000 = 14 seconds.

Sample FORMS report

Sample LISTS Report

Sample REPORTS Report


Here are two samples (with output), of Type = FORMS last 7 days, and Type = FORMS, last 30 days

FORMS - Past 7 Days - Sample with Output

Past 7 days report

Past 7 days report output

FORMS - Past 30 Days - Sample with Output

Past 30 days report

Past 7 days report output

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