Resource report for allocation is showing "No data to display" when trying to generate for All Members in a group, using FTE as report unit. Generating the report just for one user works fine.


Jakarta Patch 6a. 


One of the users in the group has the Average FTE set to 0. When the calculations related to FTE are made, the report hours are divided by the FTE and this is causing a division by zero error. 


Please check for users in the group with the field "Average Daily FTE Hours/Hours Per Person Day" set to 0 (zero) on their user profiles. For these users:

  • Set the field to a higher value, OR
  • Remove the value from the field. By removing the average daily FTE set for the user's profile, the platform will use default value set in the property com.snc.resource_management.average_daily_fte.

Additional Information

You can find further information on our documentation page Edit user and group average daily FTE hours.

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:42:29