After cloning, activity stream shows differently to the source instance. The user who created the comment andĀ also the time of the comment shows differently from the source instance.


This is because the activity steam and history of the record builds from the sys_audit table. When you request a clone, checking the option "Exclude log and audit data" deletes the sys_audit table.

When you then view the record, it finds the journal fields in sys_journal_field but no audit for that record. By default, it will then use the name of the record creator (created_by)


In the following example, you can see in the source the comments and updates were by Bow, Fred, and Abel. However, in the target instance, because Audit is not copied across, it uses the created_by user and the creation time of the incident for comments, and updates all by Abel.




Perform the clone again and uncheck the "Exclude log and audit data" option.

Note: Clones will read exclude/preserver lists from the source instance during the early stage of the clone. If updates are made to the exclusion/preserver list before clone, the clone will honor it even if the clone does not take on-demand backup.

By default, the [sys_audit] and [syslog] tables are in the Clone Exclude Tables list.

1. Log into the clone source instance
2. Go to System Clone > Clone Exclude Tables
3. Filter by name for sys_audit and syslog
4. Export each of these records to XML
- This is to save a local copy, which you can re-import into the clone source instance, after the clone is completed
5. When submitting the clone request, Uncheck the option to Exclude audit and log data
- Now the clone will include audit and log data

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