When navigating to the incident form, you might see multiple default views when attempting to change views. If you look next to the record number, note that it says "Default view" although normally when you're on the default view, the view is not indicated next to the record number


All releases.


This is caused by a new view being defined on the sys_ui_view table that has the name and title "Default". In an OOB (out of box) instance, the default view is defined on the sys_ui_view with an empty name associated and the title field value of "Default view."

  • This could have been caused by someone creating this view or defining it in the URL using "sysparm_view=default".

    Due to the extra URL parameter, the form will automatically have this view name appended next to the record number. It will then show the default form configuration. Attempts to modify the form layout can inadvertently create the new view when saving the configuration.

  • This new view can also be created if a view rule is configured to point to "default" instead of blank. Normally, if a view rule is configured to use a default view, the value should be left as blank instead of defining it as "default."



Note – Test this thoroughly on a sub-production instance before attempting it on a production instance.

  1. Disable and reconfigure any view rules that are pointing to the wrong "default" view.

  2. Use the following URL and then sort by the table column to find the offending table.

  3. Delete any User Preferences that are configured to point to the wrong view.

  4. Go to the following URL and then find all records with the name "incident.view". The value should be empty if they are going to default.

  5. Delete the non-OOB UI View.

  6. Go to the following URL and in the Title column, search for "*default".

    In most cases, it isn't created by admin and the Name column is also populated with a value.

  7. Clear the cache by going to /cache.do.

  8. Log out of the instance completely.

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