In Cloud User Portal, launching a stack takes a long time, freezes, or the form does not load if some of the fields on the form are Lookup Select Box service catalog variables and there are a large number of records on the table that the Lookup Select Box points to, the issue will happen.

For example, if Scheduled Time Zone points to sys_choice table and there are one million records on sys_choice table, it will freeze when launching a stack.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open the Cloud User Portal.

  2. Click on "Launch a Stack.

  3. Launch any item.

    Note that the form takes a very long to load, freezes, or times out.



If you can upgrade, review the Fixed In or Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or permanent fix.

You can either address this issue by using a script or manually.

  • Using a script:

    Navigate to System Maintenance > Scripts - Background and run the following script.

    Note: By default, the update function is commented out. If there is no error when you run the script, uncomment the last part of the script and run it again to apply the change.

    //--- Start of the script --- //
    var cat = new GlideRecord('item_option_new');
    cat.addQuery('type.label','Lookup Select Box');
    cat.addQuery('variable_set.name','General Info');
    var qc = cat.addQuery('question_text', 'Business Service');
    qc.addOrCondition('question_text', 'Application');
    qc.addOrCondition('question_text', 'Cost Center');
    qc.addOrCondition('question_text', 'User Group');
    qc.addOrCondition('question_text', 'Schedule Time Zone');
    //uncomment below to apply the fix
    //cat.reference_qual = 'false'; //uncomment to apply fix
    //cat.update();  //uncomment to apply fix
     // --- End of the Script ---
  • Manually:

    1. Go to sn_cmp_bp_cat_item.list and open the catalog item generated by Blueprint.

    2. Open the variable set General Info.

    3. Check each Lookup Select Box variable to see whether its table contains a large number of records.

      1. Go to the Type Specification tab.
      2. Check Lookup from table.
      3. Open the table in a different browser window to see whether it has a large number of records.
    4. For each table that has a large number of records, in the Reference qualifier field of the Type Specification tab of the variable, type "false" and then save.

      For example, say a customer has too many records on cmn_cost_center table for the Cost Center variable. You would open Cost Center and in the Type Specifications tab, change the Reference qualifier to false.

Related Problem: PRB1271482

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