For a multilevel pivot report that has multiple fields used for the rows, if the fields do not have distinct values then the rows for the totals go out of alignment. See attached screenshot.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Rename Beth Anglin to Bud Richman (changing first and last names only), there should now be two users named Bud Richman who are assigned incidents.
  2. Create a multilevel pivot report on the Incident table
  3.  Columns - State
  4. Rows - Assigned to, Assignment Group

    Note that all total rows after Bud Richman are off by one user (if you mouse over the counts, the assigned to will be the previous user)


upgrade to a version where fix is available

Related Problem: PRB1177784

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There is no data to report.

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 8

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There is no data to report.

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