Client and other possibly Scripts do not run as expected in Domains other than Global


All releases supporting Domain Separation


System is following out of box Domain Separation's Process Separation rules and working as designed


  • All tables containing a 'sys_overrides' field follow Process Separation rules within Domain Separation
  • In addition, when the 'glide.sys.domain.use_record_domain_for_processes' system property is set to True, the system uses the Record's domain to apply process separation rules
  • As a result, for example when an onLoad Client Script runs, the system checks for a Script in the record's domain, and if it exists, it applies that version of the Client Script
  • In case that client script (whose domain equals the current session's domain) is INACTIVE that Script will not run because of the Active=False setting and is expected behavior
  • This is because the system evaluates this client script and since it is inactive it ignores the script

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Last Updated:2018-06-21 15:08:34