The data source for integrations/import sets is usually shown as Import Set. However, in certain cases, you might need to set the individual data source name to something other than Import Set.

This article explains how to set reconciliation for integrations/import sets (such as uCMDB, or SCCM) separately.


Out-of-box instances have ImportSet as the source only. These data sources are choice entries in the sys_dictionary table. To achieve this behavior:

  1. Go to the sys_dictionary table and look for the Discovery Source column.

  2. Select cmdb_ci class (https://<instance_name>

  3. Under the Choice tab, create entries for your data sources, for example, uCMDB and SCCM.

    The following image uses "Snow Test Integration".

    Sample Choice Created

    Once you successfully add the required data source entries in the choice lists, they should appear in the reconciliation tab in CI Class Manager.

    Make sure that for each respective data source you have added, when they call the IRE, the IRE has the correct Data Source name.

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