Attachment on MS Edge Browser are downloaded as
The files are not downloaded with the correct names & extension.
Once the file is downloaded its saved as
Due to this, the file cannot be opened in the system, and the name and extension have to be changed manually to access them.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open an OOB Jakarta/Kingston instance on MS Edge browser (Windows 10)
  2. Navigate to any record which has an attachment
  3. Download the attachment. You will get a pop up to save the document -
  4. Navigate to the folder where the attachment is saved
  5. The file is saved as, and not the correct file name and extension.
  6. The file can no longer be accessed by the user, as the system identifies the extension as *.do which is not recognized.

The file extension has to be changed manually in order to access the file.

The same behavior on Chrome, Firefox & Safari works perfectly fine, and the file is downloaded correctly.


At the time the file is downloaded, the prompt to select the location set the name of the file as --> "FILENAME.EXTENSION" (Eg: "word_document.doc", "excel_document.xls")

The name and extension should be in double quotes.

Related Problem: PRB1291212

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