Catalog task can not be saved or closed because the mandatory fields check fails. Caused by Mandatory variables even if the variable is not included in sc_task.

When trying to save an SC Catalog Task record with mandatory variables on the associated RITM variable editor, an error occurs stating:

"The following mandatory fields are not filled in: {sys_id's}"

The sys_ID's are values for the selections of the mandatory variables in the RITM Variable Editor.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a variable set, and create a variable in the set. Mark the variable as mandatory.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Service catalog variable sets.

  2. Create a catalog item and include the variable set.

  3. Create a requested item workflow, then associate it to the catalog item.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Requested Item widget.

  4. In the workflow, use a Catalog Task activity. Fill in the required information but do not include any variable in the task.

    This means this task doesn't have any variables from the requested item. 

  5. Test the item.

    The sc_task will be created with the requested item. 

  6. Open the task and try to save it.

    Note that the mandatory check fails. Making the variable in the set non-mandatory makes a difference.


  1. Import the attached update set.

  2. Test the PRB1291018 - TEST Item catalog item after importing the update set.

  3. Commit the update set.

  4. Go to Self-Service > Service Catalog and search for "PRB1291018 - TEST Item".

  5. Open the item and click Order Now.

  6. Open the Requested Item after ordering.

    A catalog task generated by the workflow.

  7. Open the task from the related list, and click Save to update the task.



This issue is fixed in London, while Kingston is still affected by the related problem PRB1322177/KB0724423.
If an upgrade is not possible yet, the workaround consists in the following steps:

1. Navigate to System Properties > All Properties

2. Create a new property as follows:
  1. Property name: 
  2. Type: true|false 
  3. Value: false

3. Clear the instance cache by typing in the filter navigator.


Related Problem: PRB1291018

Seen In

Kingston Patch 6

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 8

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