Scoped application records are not updated on a target instance after completing the install/update of an application.  When looking in the logs, you will see the record as being skipped.


Skipping because of database override: update/sp_widget_9e1cabc6dbf67600e19d57335e96190f.xml


This is typically due to the record being directly updated on the target instance which is then considered a local customization by the platform.


To receive the updated version of the record, open the sys_upgrade_history record for the installation by going to System Diagnostics > Upgrade History. You will see the skipped record in the Skipped Changes to Review related list. From there, you can click the Revert to Base System UI action to apply the new version and ensure that it won't be skipped again in the future. 

Additional Information

In case if you update to a version for example say 1.2 and did not review the skipped updates. After this you update to versions 1.3 and 1.4. After updating to 1.4 you then realize that you need to revert the changes missed from version 1.2, In such cases above resolution might not help. In such scenarios check Revert to another version | review skipped record | switch to a version 

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Last Updated:2019-12-09 13:07:26