The Delete UI action is overridden when implementing the Encryption Configuration feature that was incorporated beginning with the Kingston release.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the Encryption Support and Domain Support plugins.

  2. Once the plugins are installed, verify that a UI action for the sys_platform_encryption_configuration called Delete exists.

  3. If two UI actions exist, delete the list UI Action and keep the one set for the form.
    • NOTE: This step is important because the issue is caused by the way the sys_ui_actions with the same action name are queried. The list UI Action for delete does not have the sysverb_action as its Action Name like the Form one does.

  4. Go to any record that displays the Delete button globally, such as an incident.
    • Note that the Delete button does not appear.


This problem has been fixed. If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In or Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or permanent fix.

Currently this issue can be resolved one of two ways:

  • Remove the override value from the sys_platform_encryption_configuration UI action manually.
  • Change the Action Name column of the Delete UI action on sys_platform_encryption_configuration.

Workaround for releases beginning with Kingston:

  1. As admin, switch to "global" domain, then navigate to System UI > UI Actions.
  2. Filter for sys_id is 4f72e69b37333200d62004368e41f1dc.
  3. If the Overrides column isn't present on the list view, personalize the list and add it. The value in the Overrides column will be Delete (which is a reference to the global Delete UI action).
  4. Double-click inside the Overrides column to the right of the Delete value without actually clicking the Delete value.
  5. In the reference box that displays, clear the Delete value then click the green checkmark to save the change.

    After these steps, the Delete UI action on the sys_platform_encryption_configuration table will no longer override the global Delete UI action.


Related Problem: PRB1258699

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