Modifications made to Workflow Normal Workflow - CM. It appears that Workflow activities of approval coordinator were duplicated (as seen in reporting). The duplicate activities were not seen in QA environment. Unsure what caused the duplication.




The workflow activity that is displayed on the report is not actually the duplicate. 
 They come from different workflow versions. 
 This report has a Group By set to 'Workflow Activity' field. 
 So, when the report runs, it gets the sys_id of the workflow activity (as it is a Reference field) and displays the results. 
 Whenever you change/update the workflow, it creates a new workflow version and the activities inside the new workflow version have a new sys_id. 


In order to run the report based on the name of the workflow activity, you have to Group By 'Workflow Activity.Name' field (Dot walk). So now it will just check for the Name of the workflow activity (which is a string field) and display all the results under one row.


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Last Updated:2018-06-20 06:52:33