Creating Non-Metadata Application Files
Demo data, or non-metadata application files, are files that are included in a scoped application to provide some demonstration of the functionality of the application. Records on regular metadata tables (tables that extend sys_metadata) will always be included in the application automatically, and there is no need to move them. In fact, you will not even have the option to do so, as the Create Application File UI action will not be available on metadata tables.

Once a non-metadata file has been moved into the application, it will appear on the application files related list on the sys_app record as a Metadata Snapshot class, and will be published with your application. A record will also be generated on the sys_metadata_link table which is responsible for linking that record to the correct package folder.
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When using the Create Application File UI action, you will have 3 options: New Install and Upgrades, New Install, and New Install with Demo Data. Each of these options corresponds to a specific folder in the application package. Ultimately, these options correspond to specific values in the Directory column on the associated sys_metadata_link record. Listed below are the options and their respective directory values:

New Install and Upgrades => update
New Install => unload
New Install with Demo Data => unload.demo

If it is desired to change the option later for demo data that has already been created, open the associated sys_metadata_link record and modify the Directory field according to the above mappings. For more information on these options, visit this documentation.

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