While committing a batch update set while in a scoped application (for example, Customer Service), dictionary records that were created in a Global scope in the update set are placed in the current scoped application.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Ensure you are on the Global scope on Instance YY from the application picker.

  2. Create an update set (Update set A) with two dictionary records on any global table. 

  3. Create a second update set (Update set B) on Instance YY and create an additional two dictionary records.

    For example, consider using different tables from update set A and deleting the second dictionary update; that is, in update set B, have an INSERT/UPDATE action and a DELETE action&.

  4. Create a third update set (Update set C) on Instance YY, and make Update set C the parent of Update set A and Update set B.

  5. Complete Update set C.

  6. Retrieve Update set C on a second instance (instance ZZ).

  7. On Instance ZZ, swith from Global Application to a scoped application using the application picker.

  8. Commit Update set C on Instance ZZ.

    Expected behavior: Dictionary records created in global scope for Update set A and Update set B should remain in Global scope on commit of Update set C.

    Actual behavior: Dictionary records in Update set A and Update set B are now in your scoped application from step 7.


Contact Customer Support to update the records to correct the issue.

Related Problem: PRB1241953

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 8
Kingston Patch 3

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