Using the mouse scroll wheel or up arrow to scroll up in Connect mini and Connect full with conversations that are long enough to require scrolling to see the top, the conversation areas are stuck at the bottom. Scrolling up with the mouse wheel causes a jitter effect, but only when the conversation is scrolled to the very bottom. If scrolling up with the mouse wheel is continued for a few seconds, the area will eventually scroll up. Scrolling is normal unless scrolling to the very bottom, which causes the issue again. Moving the scroll bar by clicking on it appears to be normal.
This only occurs in Chrome and Firefox, Edge and IE appear to be unaffected by this.

Steps to Reproduce


Seems to be specific to Istanbul as the issue is not reproducible on a Helsinki build.

  1. Open up either the full Connect or Mini Connect window
  2. Do a peer to peer chat with a user (doesn't matter if it's support chat either)
  3. Keep typing into the chat until the right scrollbar appears (make sure there are enough messages so the scrollbar is pretty visible)
  4. Now scroll to the very bottom of the chat page
  5. Using the scroll wheel of the mouse slowly scrolls up
    • You should see the jitter effect and the page won't go up. If you keep doing it it will eventually go up.
    • If you scroll fast enough the issue won't happen
    • If you don't use the scroll wheel and drag the scrollbar manually the issue won't happen
  6. Another related issue is using the up/down arrow keys. They won't work until you highlight a text within the chat page


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Related Problem: PRB1098948

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