Dashboard shared with ITIL users isn't accessible to them though it is shared with users.

When a user try to access the dashboard shared with him/her it shows the message as "Dashboard hasn't been shared with user"


Steps To Reproduce

1) Create a dashboard in a different scope not in global. For eg: 'security incident' scope.

2) Share the dashboard with ITIL user.

3) Impersonate ITIL user and try to access the dashboard.

4) Dashboard show a message as " Dashboard hasn't been shared with you".


By default, when application administration is enabled for a scoped application, ACL rules for the scoped application are applied. 
If you want to allow your scope to access pa_dashboards, because there are already ACLs defined on pa_dashboards table but out of your scoped app, the solution would be to inherit those ACLs.
1. For reference: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-application-development/page/build/applications/concept/ACL-access-checks.html
2. Set the system property "glide.security.scoped_administration.honor_global_acl" to true
3. For each table that you want to access to, create a record in "sys_scoped_admin_acl_inheritance" table
- Make sure that you are logged in within the right scoped
- The user which is logged in is the admin of the scope
- Here is more about it: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-application-development/page/build/applications/task/inherit-global-acls.html 


For Responsive Dashboards:

1) Login to the instance as admin. 
2) Set the system property "glide.security.scoped_administration.honor_global_acl" to true. 
3) Switch the scope to the scope where the dashboard is created on(Should be that application administrator).
4) Navigate to sys_scoped_admin_acl_inheritance list . 
5) Create a new record and select table name as pa_dashboards. 

For Non-responsive dashboards:

For non-responsive dashboards along with above steps need additional step mentioned below else dashboard will be available but not the tabs.

1) Perform step-3,4

2) Create one more record and select table name as pa_m2m_dashboard_tabs

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