This article provide steps on How to configure workflow to send notifications for incident SLAs which has breached more than 100%


By default, SLA notifications are sent on three occasions:

  1. SLA is at 50% of the duration specified in the SLA Definition
  2. SLA is at 75% of the duration specified in the SLA Definition
  3. SLA is breached.

However, using SLA workflow we can add SLA Percentage Timer to send Notification more than 100%. In following example, SLA Percentage Timer is added for SLA at 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%

Step 1: Adding SLA Percentage Timer

Navigate to Workflow Editor > Open Default SLA workflow or custom SLA attached to the Incident table.

  1. Checkout Workflow
  2. Navigate to Core Tab >Timers> Select SLA Percentage Timer
  3. Under Activity Properties: SLA Percentage Timer, provide name and percentage.

             Ex: Name : "Wait 25 percent of SLA duration, Percentage: 25

             Click on Update

Note: This will add 25% to the existing 50%, 25%, 25% making total 125%

Repeat above steps from 1 through 3 until the total SLA is 200%

Step 2: Adding Notification

  1. Navigate to Core Tab > Notifications > Select Notification
  2. Under Activity Properties: Notification, provide name and Addressee(s) details.
  3. This Notification activity sends an email to specified users or groups.
  4. Click on Update

Repeat above steps from 1 through 4 in the workflow.

Step 3: Join activities

Join all activities and publish workflow.

Result: A notification mail gets triggered once SLA breach at 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%

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