ATF validation fails when item recurring price is defined as ZERO with a recurring frequency of Monthly.

Steps to Reproduce

Scenario 1

  1. Import attached XML for data creation (Item Name: ATF Pricing Check).

  2. Add a portal ATF test that validates the use case:

    1. Open ATF Pricing Check.

    2. Check the Variable value checkbox.

    3. Validate Price, Recurring Price, Recurring frequency as $1100, $10, Monthly respectively.

  3. Run the ATF test.

    The ATF test fails with the error message "FAILURE: Expected recurring_frequency to be monthly but is undefined".

Scenario 2

  1. Create a simple catalog item setting the Price, Recurring Price to 0 at the catalog item level and setting the Recurring price frequency to Monthly or some frequency.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Service Catalog customization.

  2. Create a variable and provide values for the Name and Question.

  3. Set the remaining values as follows:

    • Type: Lookup Select Box

    • Lookup from table: alm_asset

    • Lookup value field: asset_tag

    • Lookup price field: Cost (or any other Currency type field from source Lookup table - alm_asset table in this example)

    • Lookup recurring price field: Cost (or any other Currency type field from source Lookup table - alm_asset table in this example)

    • Include None: Checked

  4. Run the Catalog Item in Service Portal.

    Note that the drop-down list values for the Lookup Select Box variable display the Price values but not the Recurring Price values.



  1. Create a clone of the out-of-the-box SC Catalog Item Service Portal widget.

  2. Add the following code after approximately line 185 in Server Script section of the SC Catalog Item widget:

    data._attachmentTable = athTblName;
    data.sc_cat_item.recurring_price_frequency = data.sc_cat_item._pricing.rfd;

  3. Save the changes.

  4. Make sure that the Catalog Item Service Portal page is pointing to the cloned widget containing this workaround fix.

Note   If you set the Price value at the Catalog Item level to a value > 0, this issue does not occur. However, note that this strategy might not be an acceptable workaround as it alters Pricing data for the catalog item ordered.


Related Problem: PRB1267869

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