Popup window when hovering over a reference icon shows a different form section than the top form section.




The reason the popup is not displaying as expected is because there are no sys_popup views configured for the referenced table. When the system tries to access this view and there is not one to use, it can cause unpredictable results, like displaying a random form section.

For example, if you are on the Incident form and hover over the reference icon near the populated Assigned To field, if there is no sys_popup view defined for the sys_user table, an unexpected form section might be displayed.


 This can be fixed in any instance by the following steps:

1. Navigate to- https://<instance_name><table_name>.do?sysparm_view=sys_popup 
This will show a form even if one does not yet exist, it will pull fields from the default view.
2. Right Click the header and choose Configure → Form Layout 
3. Users can click save to create the view as it looks now, or they can modify the fields/form sections displayed by customizing it to their needs and clicking save. 
4. There should now be a sys_popup view for this table which will be visible upon hover of the reference icon.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:11:58