Catalog Items with Lookup Recurring Price selected but no Lookup Price Field value selected in Lookup Select Box type Variables do not display the price under Order Now in Service Portal.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a simple catalog item setting the Price and Recurring Price to 0 at the item level and setting the 'Recurring price frequency' value to Monthly or some frequency.

  2. Create the following variable and set the Name, Question and remaining values:

    Type: Lookup Select Box
    Lookup from table: alm_asset
    Lookup value field: asset_tag
    Lookup price field: None
    Lookup recurring price field: Cost
    Include None: Checked

  3. Run the Catalog Item in Service Portal and select a value for the LookupSelectBox variable created where the cost is > $0

    The Price value for the selected row is not displayed above the Order Now button as expected.



  1. Modify the Service Portal SC Catalog Item widget by creating a clone of the widget and apply the following changes to the cloned widget.

  2. Modify line 140 in the Body HTML template section of the SC Catalog Item widget from:

    <div class="form-group" ng-if="data.showPrices && data.sc_cat_item.price">


    <div class="form-group" ng-if="data.showPrices && (data.sc_cat_item.price || data.sc_cat_item.recurring_price)">

  3. Save the file.

  4. Make sure that the Catalog Item Service Portal page is pointing to the cloned widget containing the fix.

    Note – Because the widget is cloned and modified, you will need to handle the merging of cloned widget with any future ServiceNow changes to the widget (as part of releases).

Related Problem: PRB1287663

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