End users are able to view work notes though there are worknotes ACLs in place which restrict them from viewing it.


All the available releases


The customer may have added have added the "Comments and Work Notes" field instead of "Comments" and "Work notes" fields separately. Since this is a separate field in the sys_dictionary for the task table, it will not evaluate the ACLs you have on "Work_notes".  


To resolve the issue, you have to remove the "Comments and Worknotes" field from the corresponding view and add "Comments" and "Worknotes" separately along with the activity filtered.

Additional Information

"Comments and Work Notes" is a separate field and the users will need to have a separate ACL to hide this from users without any roles. They need to have ACLs defined limit read/write access to the users with different roles. Please find the sys_dictionary definition of the fields below. 

Comments and Work notes - https://<instance-name> 
Additional Comments - https://<instance-name> 
Work notes - https://<instance-name> 

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