When adding a new column from Form Layout, it does not check whether the field exists in a table that extended from the current table. Two columns with the same name would show up in both parent/child tables.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. From sys dictionary, create a new custom field on the Change Request table with the following values:

    • Name: A Test(u_a_test)
    • Type: String
    • Length: 40
  2. Open the change request form, and right-click the label of the field.

  3. Show u_a_test.

    Note that it shows "table=change_request".

  4. From sys_dictionary, try to create the field with the same information on Task table.

    Note that it posts the expected error message:

    Error: Invalid insert, the Column xyz already exists in this table or a table extended from it

  5. Go to, right-click in the header, and choose Configure > Form Layout.

  6. In the Create new field section, type "Name=A Test".

  7. Add the field then save the form.

    The field is created without error because the system does not check whether a column exists in child tables.

  8. Open the change request form, and right-click the label of the field.

  9. Show u_a_test.

    Note that it now shows table=task.

    u_a_test is on both Task and Change request.


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