How to disable the email notifications generated by sharing dashboards and reports?


When any dashboard is shared with any rolled user it will trigger the notification to that user stating that "xxxxx dashboard is shared with you". Customer want to disable those notifications but we are not able to find which notification is triggering those notifications since there is no notification listed in the email log.


[Ref.: Sharing a PA Dashboard with person will trigger notification - but how? ]



You will receive emails with the subject ""xxxxx is shared with you".



These notifications are hard-coded on the interface. There is no notification associated so users have no option to subscribe or unsubscribe to these events.


You can either educate your users to avoid the sharing options on the dashboards/reports or you can create a business rule to avoid the unwanted notifications.

Here is a simple example that will avoid ALL notifications

Example business rule on sys_email. Please fully test on dev.
Type is: send-ready AND Subject ends with: has been shared with you

Set field values
Type to: send-ignored
Error String: Ignored by BR to avoid shared dashboards/reports
Warning: Please fully test on your development environment before making changes on production.



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