Click on the Resource Reports module, select 'Allocation' Report Type and click on the bars. This will show a resource_allocation_daily list view.


Jakarta Patch 8a


OOB functionality starting in Jakarta


This is working as expected as per our product owners, but this behavior can be reverted back where creating the resource report directs the user to resource_allocation table. 

1. To revert the behavior, import the update set attached to this Knowledge article into SUBPROD environment first and then clear the cache of the instance and also their browser cache. 

NOTE: Once the update set is imported make the following change:

Script Include - RMQueryHelper within that the following section of code is located, where the hard and soft states are defined. 

getResourcePlanStates: function(state){ 
var stateMap = { 
'soft' : "11", 
'soft_hard' :"3,7,8,9,10", 
'hard' : "3,7,8,9,10,11" 

Change the above code for soft_hard to "3,7,8,9,10,11" and "3,7,8,9,10" for hard states.

2. Save the script include and clear the cache by typing in cache.do in the left nav.


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