When accessing the printer friendly page of a record that has a variable editor, if a UI Policy or Client Script targeting a Multi Line Text variable is set to mandatory or readonly the page will break, meaning other UI Policies or Client Scripts might not run correctly.

The following console errors are displayed on the page:
- Uncaught TypeError: Cannoy read property 'id' of null
- Uncaught ReferenceError: $j is not defined

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new catalog item with the following variable configuration, ensuring the order is defined:

    • Variable 1 - Single Line Text
    • Variable 2 - Multi Line Text
    • Variable 3 - Single Line Text
    • Variable 4 - Single Line Text
  2. Create separate Catalog UI Policies to target each of the variables and create Catalog UI Policy Actions to hide them on load. Make sure this applies to Task and RITM.

  3. Ensure that each Catalog UI Policy has an order defined (that is, 100, 200, 300, ...).

  4. For the Catalog UI Policy targeting the Multi Line Text variable, configure the Catalog UI Policy Action to either Set mandatory or Set readonly instead of Hide.

  5. Open the newly created item and submit it.

  6. Navigate to the printer friendly page of the RITM record.

    Variables underneath the Multi Line Text should be hidden within the printer friendly page of the RITM but they display and console errors appear in the page.




Depending on the complexity of the catalog item and variables associated, moving the UI Policy order to be the last one to load for the 'Multi Line Text' variable may work as an interim measure. The console error will still display.

Related Problem: PRB1286273

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