1. After moving to UI16 you are still seeing old journal fields



2. Form is showing duplicate fields, old and new journal fields 


UI 16


Issue could be due to one of the reason:

1. Live form property is off

2. Journal fields and activity formatter are added on separate sections

3. onLoad client script on the table that has the issue   


If form is still showing old journal fields, check one of these two things:

1. Make sure live form is enabled, value of the system property is true: glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled

2. Make sure Activities (filtered) (activity formatter) is added on the same section where journal fields are:

If form is showing duplicate journal fields, old and new journal fields:

3. Look for onLoad client script on the form that has the issue. If all tables under task has the issue look for onLoad client script on Task table.

For example:

Script like below under onLoad client script:


hide the new journal field and keep the old journal field that mess up the form and new and old journal fields are shown on the form.

Additional Information

1. Also check the known error article about other known issue on journal fields:

2. Check the community discussion about client script 'setStreamJournalFieldsDisplay' :

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