An unexpected string JSON error message appears in text analytics widget when an invalid indicator-breakdown relationship is present in the instance. 

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Configure a Performance Analytics Widget the type of Text by following the instructions in the documentation Text analytics and text widgets.
  2. Set an invalid indicator-breakdown relationship in your instance (see the Workaround section for more information). 
  3. Open the widget in a dashboard and observe the error messages:
    "Unexpected string in JSON at position ..."
    "Cannot read property start_at of undefined"


This problem was fixed since Kingston Patch 7.

An indicator-breakdown relationship record in the [pa_indicator_breakdowns] table is considered invalid if:

  • an indicator or breakdown field is empty:

  • an indicator-breakdown relationship is duplicate (PRB1293827/KB0714299)

These invalid relationships could have been created by:

  • scripts that turn off business rule and workflows
  • duplicate or incomplete update sets

Deleting the invalid records allows the widget to refresh with no error.

Important Note: if the instance is domain-separated, do not delete duplicates, but contact SN support.

Related Problem: PRB1211079

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Kingston Patch 7

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