On domain-separated instances, Performance Analytics Collection jobs do not use [sys_choice] Breakdown Elements defined on a parent domain only. As a result, scores are not collected per Breakdown Element.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the Performance Analytics - Premium plugin [] and Domain Support - Domain Extensions Installer plugin [com.glide.domain.msp_extensions.installer].

  2. Establish a domain structure with a parent and a child domain.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Domain separation.

  3. Establish a Performance Analytics user on the child domain.

  4. Create new State choices, for example, for [sc_req_item.task] on the parent domain only. Similar choices exists in global. Do the same thing for [task.state].

  5. Create a few Requested Items (in this example) on the child domain.

  6. Establish the following Performance Analytics setup in the global domain:

    • Breakdown Source based on the [sys_choice] table with active records only for [sc_req_item.state]
    • Breakdown mapped to [sc_req_item.state] (in this example)
    • Indicator Source and Indicator based on the [sc_req_item] table (in this example)
    • Collection Job with Run As the newly created user
  7. Run the Collection Job.

    Expected result: Scores are recorded per Breakdown Element using the choices defined on the parent domain because there are no choices on the child domain.

    Actual result: The score's element column is empty. In the database, the Element column shows "unmatched."


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Related Problem: PRB1252332

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