Kingston Patch 6 : Known Errors

This article presents notable known errors in  Kingston Patch 6, grouped by severity and organized by category. Not all known errors appear on this page. Click the link in the Article column to view details about each known error. To view other families and versions, see the  Known Error Portal.

Note: The severity level does not indicate the order in which issues will be fixed, which is determined by a combination of variables.

To view the release notes for this release family, see Kingston Release Notes.

Severity 1

The following table lists notable Severity 1 known errors in this patch.

KB0647696PRB1026077Project ManagementJakarta: Project Management creates PM Program with null sys_id resulting in mass updates to other PM task types
KB0657450PRB1241406PersistenceCMDB TPP migration is creating records in the [cmdb$par1] table with sys_class_path is NULL. Some relationships are not showing on CMDB related lists and searches against CMDB tables are not returning all records.
KB0688902PRB1250616Flow DesignerThe flow is unresponsive with the "Unable to deserialize process plan from JSON" exception
KB0690068PRB1253960PersistenceAn action=DELETE for a column specified as on table X should never drop a column of the same name from a parent of table X
KB0693385PRB1282047Field Service ManagementThe Appointment Booking plugin provides the incorrect schema for sm_order and sm_task tables
KB0694107PRB1296576Tables and DictionaryAdding elements to a TPP grandparent and grandchild table in an update set can cause the alias corruption
KB0597327PRB703022AuthenticationLDAP requests fail after upgrade to Helsinki. "Certificates does not conform to algorithm constraints."

Severity 2

The following table lists notable Severity 2 known errors in this patch.

KB0623334PRB1058404Platform PerformanceQuery hash values mismatch after upgrading
KB0623810PRB1073350Import / ExportSlow business rule 'Set synchronous import set' due to non-indexed sort in setImportSetRow function to retrieve next row number
KB0678102PRB1078092Persistence[TPP/Clone] CMDB partition tables are not cloned over, and records not displayed in cmdb_ci on the target instance
KB0623489PRB1079599Project ManagementMSP 2016 not supported in import
KB0635801PRB1081334ReportingJakarta - In domain-separated instances, report creators are unable to see any reports under 'My Reports'
KB0696123PRB1091270Forms and FieldsReference qualifier on all fields is ignored when List V3 is enabled
KB0635660PRB1095142OrchestrationWhen custom workflow activity is published more than once and then transferred via update set, the activity will not show up in the workflow editor because the publish field is set to "false."
KB0681747PRB1151957WorkflowIn early Jakarta, the approval coordinator has a new activity result, 'skipped', which is not included in the default activity conditions. This causes the workflow to not move to the next activity.
KB0692548PRB1160414Forms and FieldsWatchlist reference icon activates on hover only and is not keyboard accessible
KB0639102PRB1162821ListsReports containing a field from a variable are default to only showing the first record and throws a NullPointerException error
KB0657433PRB1166875ChatUsing Legacy Chat in Jakarta, the support agent is unable to respond to end user.
KB0647552PRB1181032Forms and FieldsJakarta: Glide list fields set to read-only via client script or UI policy do not update the value when the form is saved
KB0647780PRB1234664ApprovalsManual approvals skip when included in an Approval Coordinator activity with an error
KB0676879PRB1235210Activity StreamSingle line long text in description field gets right side cut-off when viewed in Activity stream. Browser re-size will make it visible again.
KB0661797PRB1235331Update SetsGrandchild tables of task created as TPC can be corrupt if they are created in the wrong order
KB0657390PRB1238364Activity StreamThe User Preference [sys_user_preference] ".stream_input" (ex: glide.ui.incident.stream_input) can cause field visibility issues for comments and work notes depending on the form layout
KB0687751PRB1240675Emailemail diagnostics reports false negatives when the number of email accounts exceeds the number of available progress workers
KB0686731PRB1241205WorkflowNull pointer exception occurs when stage_state is empty when trying to load RITM
KB0696046PRB1241743ChatTask <--> Conversation relationships can get crossed when switching conversations during execution of a Connect Action
KB0657641PRB1244501Import / ExportSynch transform uses fast lock that can cause SOAP threads to get hung up (PRB1200935), exhausting all integration semaphores
KB0676112PRB1245551EmailDelegates are included as recipients even when the original recipient failed by personal notification subscription filters
KB0692706PRB1246912Service Catalog: Service Portal WidgetsCannot save the sc_req_item form because of an error in sp-variable-editor
KB0681695PRB1246921Service Portal[Security Bug] ACL issue with Service Portal
KB0688470PRB1248469Vulnerability ResponseUpdates to the sn_vul_vulnerable_item.age column causes text index events to back up
KB0692500PRB1252414HTML EditorVideos are not uploading as an attachment - tinyMCE upgrade issue
KB0678843PRB1253606Incident ManagementData policies for incident state "On Hold" fire when trying to use the "Canceled" state
KB0680630PRB1258609HTML EditorText format in Knowledge Articles not proper after upgrade to Kingston when copying from a document in Google Drive
KB0683369PRB1261431Condition BuilderThe button "Run" at the bottom of list/table queries is missing
KB0686716PRB1268370Platform SecurityDownloaded attachment redirects to page "Requested attachment does not exist" after impersonating to a user for the attachment which has encryption context
KB0685032PRB1270017UI Policy/Client ScriptService Portal: Kingston - UI Policies and Client Scripts on the Form widget are not honored when the form is saved
KB0690125PRB1271029Web ServicesRequesting sys_user WSDL is causing the instance to run out of memory
KB0691490PRB1275797Human Resources Service ManagementTemplate snippet is causing slowness with loading HR Cases
KB0693352PRB1276976Financial ManagementReceiving blank screen after clicking on 'Demand Budget' UI Action.
KB0690231PRB1277603ReportingPage freeze when trying to expand and collapse list of fields to dotwalk for available/selected fields on large table like cmdb_ci
KB0688314PRB1282065PersistenceSetting the term config table property glide.db.query.term. table_limit to zero causes severe cache issues on sys_term_table_cache and a high flush count
KB0687771PRB1282507Service PortalService Catalog Service Portal plugin must not be activated before the core Service Portal plugin
KB0693357PRB1284720Financial ManagementProject Actual Cost (pm_project.work_cost) is set to the user session currency
KB0696044PRB1291491Guided ToursThe Guided Tours Designer throws an error if the Openframe plugin is installed
KB0690836PRB1292056Forms and FieldsUI policy that sets display to false for a field on OOB forms (ex: Incident, Change) in Printer Friendly Version (URL contains sysparm_media=print) doesn't work
KB0692003PRB1292140DiscoveryDiscovery creates duplicate models after enabling the Normalization Data Services plugin
KB0534762PRB585707UI ComponentsForm Sections configuration - Broken relationships between [sys_ui_section] and [sys_ui_form_section] records cause forms to not load
KB0546836PRB620592UI ComponentsAdding more then six OR conditions in a shortcut and dragging it to the bookmark bar does not work in Internet Explorer
KB0550121PRB629834Knowledge ManagementKnowledge search is hardcoded to ignore search terms with fewer than 3 characters
KB0549804PRB630133WorkflowIn list view, task.stage breaks UI rendering and throws a "jQuery is not defined" error when using UI11
KB0552959PRB645057PersistenceA field of type List, transferred from a source instance via an Update Set, may not be pointing to the expected mediumtext database field on the target instance, disallowing multiple items.
KB0688920PRB648343PersistenceWhen adding a new column from "Form Layout", it does not check whether the field exists in a table that extended from the current table
KB0610309PRB668079UI ComponentsSLAs on Requested Item table fail when using a variable set
KB0598187PRB668806Project Portfolio ManagementCannot list edit related list if the Related List Loading option 'After Form Loads' or 'On-demand' is selected
KB0610409PRB671427UI ComponentsNot all the fields are available for template_editor when creating a new sys_template for the incident table
KB0598896PRB689186List v3With List v3, the sys_user table list fails to load if the name field starts with a dot followed by a space
KB0621158PRB698328Performance Statistics and GraphsBlank lists might display when trying to view a table
KB0656731PRB709927ListsSorting a list view causes the Tags column to disappear until the list is refreshed
KB0692578PRB709946Forms and FieldsAnnotations that denote sections of a form should use header tags
KB0623488PRB713239Service Catalog: Service Portal WidgetsService Portal - Variable Editor widget (sp-variable-editor) does not respect mandatory fields used in shopping cart
KB0623129PRB718318System ApplicationsUnable to launch Studio via Studio module when UI11 is enabled
KB0610429PRB720998UI ComponentsActivity stream does not load if relationship changes are in the feed and modifications were made by an invalid or nonexistent user
KB0598601PRB724388Service Desk CallService Request from a New Call is not created, and the screen is blank if the description is long and contains special characters
KB0635680PRB741898ChatEnable agents to create a record off a chat after a conversation is closed
KB0622179PRB832751Service MappingUnder certain circumstances, Discovery processing is very slow or stuck [re-computation takes up all worker threads starving out discovery sensor processing]
KB0692614PRB944187UI ComponentsTable labels get corrupted after upgrading a translated instance containing an invalid language in the system property glide.sys.language
KB0635475PRB964769Performance AnalyticsPerformance Analytics data collection jobs cause nodes to run out of memory (originally PRB650867)

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